Online Claims management Service

From the Loss notification to the final settlement, XClaim extranet platform manages online the full data flow produced by a Claim. There are three different versions of XClaim Service currently in production:

  • XClaim Port – is the software dedicated to Surveys management on Cargo Loss
  • XClaim Med – is the online Service specialised in Claims management for Medical Malpractice
  • XClaim Fair – is the applicatione dedicated to manage Damages occurred during Trade Shows
Clients who use XClaim obtain more punctuality in the procedures management during the whole process, thus allowing a better use of human resources.
A fast return of the costs born for the Service is therefore quickly evident. The Company will easily get a positive ROI thanks to the significant indemnity reduction, due to the drastic cut in settlement time.
In order to check the trends, the Application offers to the risk manager a statistics gathering for analysis, able to identify weak points in the processes, or to seize the Insurance Industry opportunities.
For Claims Adjuster, from the Broker to the Insurance Company, XClaim represents the most complete platform to the Claims Office reorganisation.

SaaS - Software as a Service

XClaim is a management software system, delivered as online services on the SaaS model.
The Web Applications are physically hosted on the Xtranet's Cloud, in a central position among all the users. This means:

  • no Software installing on desktop PC.
  • no in-house server purchasing and managing
24/7/365 your extranet platform is always available online.
Authorized users can access to the Claims' related data in real time, simply through an internet browser, already onboard on every computer o table.
XClaim Service centralises the Claims management, reduces process cost, and avoids delays in communication, typical of traditional working methods.
Wherever the user is, he just has to connect to internet to access the data, and update them on fly.

Where is XClaim?

The XClaim Services are provided from the Server Farm based in Genoa (Italy). The Data Center has been designed and built following quality and technological standards oriented to ensure the infrastructure's best level of security and service.
All the support systems are fully redundant and constantly checked. In case of anomaly, our reaction is immediate, preventing disruptions in service by receiving alerts before problems arise.
Xtranet Data Center is protected by sophisticated physical and logical systems, able to detect and promptly block any intrusion attempts.

XClaim gestione sinistri

Skills & confirmations

If I hadn't become a claims adjuster, I would have followed my first passion: information technology.
Before discovering XClaim, I had tested different traditional management software, without ever being completely satisfied with the outcome.
Xtranet's solution came up already equipped with all the functions we needed; however I still had some doubts concerning its online use.
More then 10 years have passed since I chose XClaim and I have to admit that they were right!
I don't have to worry about keeping an expensive home server anymore, which consumes energy every day and night, needing constant updating and which in the end has to be substituted because obsolete.
I don't handle a buggy software that requires a continuous and onerous upgrading anymore.
Now I pay and so have the right to receive an efficient service!
Thanks to this model I save a lot, and I can exclusively concentrate myself on my business.
Sometimes I have asked for implementation of new useful functions in order to improve the already good standard operating procedures. Well, not only Xtranet's staff got my tip, but they also quikly introduced it into the software.

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