To describe every Claim as more as 26 fields are available; compiling is often accelerated by drop-down menus directly referring to the records' master.
A serial number reference is automatically assigned to every new Claim uploaded on XClaim Fair, furthermore a wide notes field is always on your fingertips cut to complete the event description.
Some fields must be mandatory filled to enable the system to accept input.
Moreover you already have the requiring Documents List, which you can customise directly by the Back Office module to suit your needs.


To track a Survey linked to a particular Claim, or more then one Claim with common characteristics such as the same trade show event for example, a powerful Search Engine with 28 matchable fields is available.


At any time, by a click, you can export a spreadsheet .XLSX type reporting the Surveys' list you are interested in.


This features performs the important task of monitoring the state of progress of a Survey assignment.
Here, for example, the first document request is automatically noted in chronological order, free text extra notes and everything that is important not to lose sight of.
Moreover you can decide if these notes must be visible only to the insider handlers, or to all users authorized to access the Service.

DOCUMENTS function

XClaim Fair allows you to produce a list of typical Documents, required for a Survey management.
To obtain it, the handler has only to chose them by checking the boxes of the documents list, and then deciding if the request must be sent to the recipient by email.
It will be always possible to request only the Documents not yet received, avoiding to ask again for the ones already received. In the Claim Summary the list of required Documents will be always available close to the list of those already received.


It is necessary to attach to the Survey Communications and Documents in various formats: incoming and outgoing emails with attachments, every kind of files, pictures, and original paper documents. Once the document has been received, you can rapidly attach it to the corresponding Survey file by simply forwarding the email, or directly uploading the file from your computer to the XClaim Fair system.
You will definitely eliminate the heap of original paper Documents from your desk.
Their digital copy will be promptly available online wherever you are.


From each Survey assignment you can send a message.
The Service automatically puts an header with an abstract of the significative Claim's data and you can compose the message in free text from the Claim directly, automatically finding that communication already stored on the extranet system.