Xtranet is the developer of the Claims management software XClaim, that is delivered to the Customers via internet.
The Loss Adjuster avoids buying the software, but pays a subscription fee to use it online.
It is based on a pay per use model, so the Client does not have long and indefinite production time, besides to a risky investment to develop a management software needed right today:
  • fast time to market of the Claims management business
  • predictable costs also in a medium term
  • management rates always aligned to the Client business developing
XClaim Port SaaS platform offers the semplicity and the rapidity needed by the company that want quickly increse their business.

Here at Xtranet we've always had the head in the clouds...!
Cloud computing allows the Customer to have immediately operating needed solutions.
The software we deliver as Services are physically located on the Xtranet cloud, in a central position.
Over the internet, the cloud resource provides a more swift and reactive Service gathering all criticalities in a virtual site, so:
  • no server to purchase and maintain
  • no software to install on computers
Saas term began to circulate starting from 2000s, evolving the previos concepts of Service On Demand and Application Service Provider (ASP). Today the management software developed by Xtranet are delivered as Services following SaaS model, therefore strictly integrated to the internet.
Companies like yours show the need, over and over again, to have a reliable partner at their side, to help them to get the opportunities offered by the new standards achievement, to implement and manage the new platforms.
Xtranet SaaS Services centralise data management, cut down process costs, ed cancel the communications delays typical of a traditional working method. Our extranet platforms allow authorised users the access to data 24h/24 simply through the web browser already onboard on every computer.
Regardless of their location or what device they are using, users can connect from anywhere to access and eventually update all information in real time.